08.02.2013 - Cool new player database and other features

There is a new feature available for our sponsor pack subscribers, it is a database of the top 1000 players within the whole game, filtered by their age, AI and whether or not they are currently for sale. Would you like to buy the best HA players? Or are you looking for the top young prospect in the game ? Then you can browse through this database for hours. You can find the database here, or through menu Players, Tracking, Player database.
This feature has been inspired by the works of manager kireener, so let us dedicate this whole new version to him, kudos!

You can now increase your players' form, by removing them from your line-up. This will give the managers at least some means to influence players' form. Also the speed of the form daily change has been increased from 3 to 5.

The players' selling counter, which determines the fee for transfer listing the player, will be reset twice a season, each 5 weeks of the player in your team.

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