13.06.2009 - Version 3.2

After a longer period without any changes, we've prepared a new game version for you. It is mostly bug corrections but also some new game features.

  • The game tactics and setup profiles will now have a separate default profile for league games and separate default for friendly games. The leagues default profile will be also used automatically for all games (non-friendly), where you do not change anything manually for the specific game. The league default profile is the one first in the list, the friendly profile is the second.
  • There is a new assistant for the newbies in the HA world - it will help you create your first games' line-up. You can later modify such a line-up to better suit your needs as your experience with the game goes up. You can find the assistant under Players - Line-up - Lines. Warning - the assistant will irreversibly erase your previous line-up in case there is one!!
  • The maximum number of sponsor reminders was increased to 10.
  • The goalies will need a minimum of 900 icetime minutes on the goaltender position to be eligible for the regular season goalie statistical awards (15 matches was required in the previous version).
  • We've corrected the error in the days left indicated until the next youth school pull.
  • A new star unrestricted free agent didn't increase the team spirit as he was supposed to - bug corrected.
  • It was impossible to choose a manager with the _ character in his nick as an assistant - bug corrected.
  • Two bugs were corrected in the game calculation - first caused in some cases a goal in the detailed goal list was listed on the wrong side, second caused a powerplay to be finished sooner than after 2 minutes if the powerplay overlaped into the next period.

  • Assignments World