15.10.2009 - New version of Hockey Arena

Today we've launched a new version of our game with a few improvements...

There is a new statistical page for sponsors with a lifetime teams' statistics and all information is also displayed in the form of graphs. You will find the page under Team, Statistics.

There have been a major increase in the financial bonuses awarded for league achievements - specifically for the final position after the regular part of the season and after the playoffs. Please check the numbers on this page.

The discussion system has been improved for managers without the sponsor pack, the system will automatically log the number of new posts in each thread for you, just like it did for sponsors in older versions.

In the teams' strength estimated values, we've split the main attributes and the experience and form. The experience and form were included directly in the values of Offense, Defense and Goalie, in the new version they will be separate and also two new values have been added - Passing and Shooting.

We've increased the minimum required number of players in the team to 20 - manager with lower number of players will have up to 3 logins to reverse the status.

Two offensive tactical player profiles have been tweaked slightly - the Creative will have a bit less points from his Speed ability and the Speedy will have a bit more points from his ability Speed.

The tranders' rank and the traders' handicap
After a thorough consideration, we've decided to put this feature on hold for a few weeks, to tweak it a bit more, mostly we aim to remove the retroaction from the system. We are now working on an improved version!

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