23.10.2010 - New Hockey Arena version 3.9

The Hockey Arena website has been updated with a new version. Here you can find a list of recent changes in the game.

Youth school reform:

  • Young players will have their own section in the team, where they will stay until the manager decides to move them to the senior team. While on the youth team, 2 of them per season (or one of them twice) can be sent to an intensive training facility, where their initial AI will be boosted.
  • Manager can also once in a while (based on the scouting department level) change an initial position of one chosen player and so afftect his initial skills distribution.
  • More info in the Youth school section.

  • System changes:
  • The scouting department offers a new feature, which is the immediate scouting of players. This can be used up to 3 times a day, based on the scouting department level.
  • The deterioration of skills of players with negative potential has been slowed down by 0.01 points, so that players with -6 potential will go down by 0.06 points per skill per day instead of 0.07. Players with -12 potential will go down by 0.12 instead of 0.14 and so on.
  • After promotion to higher division, the teams will have a 2 new little improvements to help them with their struggle. They won't lose any fans for some time after the promotion, even if they'll keep losing the games and the form of players will instantly stop decreasing.
  • The time of the daily HA calculation has been moved to 22:00 HA time (2 and a half hours back).
  • The links to challenge a team for a friendly game have been moved to the right part of the team page.

  • Economy changes:
  • We have increased the advantage for the devoted UFA owners, they will have to match 60% of the highest offer from other teams to keep the player (70% in the previous version).
  • The income from team's sponsors per one member of the fanclub has been increased to 6000 (from 5100).
  • The loyalty bonus fees have been decreased by 10%.
  • The salary of "protected" foreigh players will be higher by 15% (20% in previous version).
  • We've corrected the ticket price scouting, so it will give you the estimation of the best possible ticket price for games.

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