24.02.2012 - Bunch of changes

Today we've launched a new 'minor' update, Hockey Arena version 3.9.5, with a bunch of new features:

  • Lines' game statistics are now displayed in real numbers (relative % values in previous version).
  • The facilities development system has been changed as well. To get a bigger facility you have to start a research first. After the research is finished you will have a new maximum possible level for the facility. You can change the actual level of the facility freely between zero and the maximum researched level based on your current needs and team's financial health.
  • The training and regeneration areas maximum has been increased to 250.
  • You can now remove the franchise status of your franchise player without appointing a new one.
  • Czech games will now start at 21:00 HA time.
  • Russian games will now start at 19:00 HA time.
  • There are some new assignments to finish in Manager, Assignments.

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