move end of season and playoff bonuses 1 day later
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21:35:41, 09.09.17

Rambo013 13:28:30, 09.09.17 I know it's annoying
For me, when I logged in, I go directly to Calendar and I watch the game from there, before checking all the news.

Ya i guess i have to start doing that. Its just such a habit to click news right away.

19:41:51, 12.09.17

There's always going to be problems with this.

Another example: You use win bonus - sometimes it's obvious whether you won or lost based on seeing your current balance. I intentionally look downward on the screen to make sure I don't inadvertently spoil myself by figuring out the result!

22:23:15, 12.09.17

ya i avoid the bonus too.

Clicked "last game" today, page wasn't loading. clicked "last game" agian, and it brought me to the results page. Stuff like that and the bonus news messages very frustrating when you're excited to watch an important broadcast.

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