Shoot-out procedure
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23:34:23, 18.09.17

Official IIHF rules forbid using the same player for the first three shots. Therefore, HA should follow the rules of hockey and prevent people from using only one shooter in the shoot-out.

23:58:50, 18.09.17

I agree, this feels kind of cheap.

02:28:31, 19.09.17

I don't like the idea of using the same player twice at all let alone only using one player.

13:02:28, 20.09.17

I have put 3 guys in there recently, but now I know people get ticked off by a single one I'm changing it back. Let the fun begin!

13:04:46, 20.09.17

It already happened to me one of those had a penalty and couldn't participate in the shootout, so using only 1 player has it's risks anyway. Some players will randomly do something if your only shootout taker gets a penalty just before the shootout begins.

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