Promotion Tab - single press of a button at the top of the p
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02:18:45, 11.01.18

Not reporting anything wrong with the game, but very frustrated with myself at what has happened.

I don't think I have had a good youth pick up for some time. Nothing wrong with that. That is just down to how it goes.

However, yesterday I scouted one player and realised he was better than previously thought. I have a +6 point boost for the year left over so planned to use it.

However, in my excitement and haste I promoted the player instead by clicking on the first button and because it was a single button press I didn't have a second chance to consider. In a split second I recognised my error, but too late.

What made it worst is that I then noticed he was a goalie and have no need for a goalie and have my option free to change the player position.

I'm just left with a feeling of frustration (mostly with myself), but can imagine I am not the only one who has done it. Could some consideration be given to the layout and the single button press to give players a second chance on their decision much as there is on the sale price for players?

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