Betting - World Championship - Ice Hockey - Denmark
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20:52:06, 23.04.18

Hi all,
as every year I organize a betting championship for our HA community :) Of course you will play not only for fun. We play about few prizes - sponsorship packages - from few HA managers. So, if you have interest you can write your nick here :

I give you a login ( it will be your HA nick ) and password for this site ( here will be matches and everything around )

17:29:34, 22.05.18

Hi again :) we continue, after world championship in Denmark ( ice-hockey - and, of course, congrats to Sweden), with world championship in footbal

so, if you interesting, you can write your names in our topic in slovak discussion called :
Tipovačka MS vo futbale 2018 - Rusko


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