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11:07:47, 05.09.19

- My training and regen facilities are now at 200%. Will the impact of going to 250% be significant on the training results? It is a huge investment.

- Concerning training. I have been told you should start with training selfcontrol to 25 for all players. After that you should train:
Defenders: Strength, Defense, Speed
Wingers: Shot, Offense, Speed
Centre: Strength, Offense, Pass

Is that correct?

- If I want to sort of rank my players, to decide who to play (train) most, is the overall % of a player a good indication? Does this take into account, P, Q and AI?


21:43:01, 06.09.19

- re. Training/Regeneration Facilities
250% is a huge investment, both in initial costs, and in day-to-day operations afterwards. My team loses several million per day and I can attribute this to the 250% facilities. You will need to determine a balance between the diminishing returns of continuing to improve your facilities and your extra cash you want to keep or drain away. 200% facilities are really good. Some are of the opinion that the remaining returns granted by 250% facilities are not worth it.

Also in the mix is whether or not you are a development team. If you want to stick around in the upper echelons, you can use the market often, and may not need to tune these particular facilities at all.

I don't have the numbers for you, sorry.

- re. Training
Self-control is nice to have, although it is relative. That is, if you train to 25 and all the rest of the teams in your division trained to 35, you'll notice that difference.

The attributes you've been told to train I can confirm. Although I would still put the main emphasis on the positional attribute (i.e. offense, defence, or goaltending,) there is a more pronounced trend recently of defencemen with massive strength. Search for other related threads on that.

- re. Ranking your players.
AI is a great indication of current playability if the attributes are spread properly for the position the player is at. P (i.e. potential) will show what is left of the career, with 0 potential being the end of the line with respect to training improvements. There is a chart to determine what exact values of potential for a particular age are certain tiers under the maximum possible. Q (or quality) will tell you how well your player will train over time.

The overall % is only a relative measure compared to the best player (in AI) of that age; if you click on it, it will take you to the player of that age that has the higest AI. As this changes age to age, I don't think this is a good measure for players in your organization.

00:25:54, 07.09.19

How long does it take to confirm HLP if he has recently been deleted from HA team? I made a mistake and pushed wrong button. So now I cannot confirm the manager who is going to have this job and system says I need to wait - this manager has been fired from the HA team recently!

Thanks for answers.


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