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20:02:46, 09.09.19

it's nice to see automatic feature for sponsorship advertisements, however there things could be improved.
firsfully, it's not really working automatically, you still have to save settings manually every week to execute feature, would be great to save once and forget about it.
second, settings' back-up would be awesome thing here. It would be great if system would remember settings previous week(-s), instead of reset to default. or something like game setup (league/friendly/etc) would be option here as well (center/boards/mixed)

23:02:01, 10.09.19

What would be the chances of having a column on the team's contract page displaying each players market valuation at that point in time?

Didn't realise there was a suggestions thread. Anyways.

21:24:45, 14.09.19

Norks 23:02:01, 10.09.19
Didn't realise there was a suggestions thread. Anyways.

Make a topic, have a topic. ;)
We all want this game to improve, so I guess it's a good idea to share our ideas about possible improvements.

Since chance to pull foreign players in your youth school has been increased, is there any chance to remove or at least decrease that foreign player salary bonus, let's say down to 3-5% instead of current 15%?
Managers has been talking about this on Latvian forum.

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