U23 team - upcoming in 84. season
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04:55:40, 30.12.19

1. Separate league structure for U23 teams named "International U23 league", all U23 teams will participate.

2. U23 team can be started in the main A or main B team. To be able to start the U23 team, you have to select at least 20 players, 17 - 23 years old, who are not currently on the market. Those players will be immediately moved to the new U23 team. Lack of suitable players will prevent you from starting the U23 team.

3. Next step is the selection of specific team in the U23 league structure, which is fairly straighforward.

4. Moving players between main and U23 teams:
use the bus icon in the player detail next to his name
one specific player can be switched between the teams once in 1 day in any direction (once in several days without SP)
switching is not possible for players on market
you cannot remove or acquire players in U23 teams, except firing them or switching them back to MAIN team for further action

5. Shared total maximum number of players between MAIN and U23 teams is 60.
This limit will also apply for all main teams with no U23 team.
Minimum of 20 players will apply separately to both MAIN and U23 teams.

6. U23 teams have no income and the player expenses are taken from the MAIN team's cash.

7. Training and regeneration facilities are shared with the MAIN team.

8. Player scouting is shared with the MAIN team.

9. Experience from games.
experience for all players in U23 teams will be at around the 3rd league levels of MAIN teams, regardless of the league level of the U23 team

10. U23 team expiration and cancellation.
the team will be automatically disbanded if the number of players will be lower than 20
recreation of the team will be possible only after a few days (sooner with SP than without the SP)
players of a disbanded U23 will be automatically moved back to the MAIN team

11. Players stats will be saved when swithing the player to U23 team and then restored when switching back to the MAIN team.
end of season individual player stats awards will not happen in U23 teams

12. 24 years old players in U23 team at the end of season right after the player ageing.
they will be automatically transfered back to the main team
one of them, the one with the highest AI, will appear on the transfer market as restricted free agent

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