15.02.2017 - Version 5.10

There is a new feature available – B teams.
B team will be separate and independent from the A team, only sharing the same manager. To apply for the B team you need at least 170 of the sponsor pack subscription days at the moment of the application. Manager of existing B team whose sponsor pack subscription expires, will lose the B team after 21 days since the last login with sponsor pack. It is still possible to save such a team with a timely sponsor pack purchase. Starting today you can already apply for a B team, but first teams will be assigned in the Sunday’s game update. It will be based on the original registration time of the main manager, so the “oldest” managers will get team in the highest leagues of their chosen B country.
Countries available for the B teams are those with the least number of active managers, the list will be presented upon the registration, you cannot register the B team in the same country as your A team. We aim to improve the overal activity and competition in these countries.

Some B team rules:

  • can't participate in national elections
  • can't trade players with the main team
  • can only arrange friendly games with the main team using the manual challenges (auto challenges won't work)
  • won’t be able to bet on your B team’s games in betting office

  • In the coming seasons we will be also developing the U20 teams (C teams). C team will be connected with A team, sharing the facilities and some players and more. Manager can choose to manager B and C, only B, only C or only A teams.


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