Voting for Repre team
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20:20:37, 26.06.09

hi, i am greeting you from greece, VOTE THE BEST OPTION, VOTE FOR JARNO!!

09:19:59, 27.06.09

WHY this player is in the national team ?

What are yu doing Voenniy ?

07:59:00, 28.06.09

And the winner is : ...

I don't know.
Both Didi and Mateusz got 3 votes.

... and 2 times less voters than at last election.
Maybe someday HA will at last decide to send a mail to every manager to remind them that there is an election.

14:42:22, 28.06.09

what a pity:(((

you will regret it:((

good bye:)

15:45:36, 28.06.09

Fair results, shouldn't have talked that much.
If a tie, I think random will decide the winner.

See postitus on kustutatud

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