30.12.2008 - Corrections and improvements of version 2.7

We've corrected some bugs in version 2.7 and also launched a few improvements since then.

  • The maximum chemistry of a line is displayed again.
  • One manager can be an assistant only for one manager. We've added a new option to erase if someone set you as his assistant.
  • For the Shots from blue line tactics the Creative profile was removed from the center position.
  • For the Behind the net tactics the Speedy was replaced by Creative profile.
  • In the match report there is a list of lines at the bottom of the page. The lines were changed on the ice during the match in the order in which they are listed there from top to bottom, the rating of the line (1. line, 2. line, ...) means the overall rating in the team based on it's average skill!
  • Unfortunately there is still a bug in the new detailed match broadcast, before we correct the bug the older brief broadcast will be available.
  • The compensation for UFA to his previous team was increased to 70% of the highest offer.
  • The tactical profiles of the players on the market are now available.

    Here is also some detailed info about chemistry and lines' tactics:

  • At the end of this season the chemistry of all lines will be set to zero, because we will launch the chemistry on all matches so to be fair.
  • Players, who play together often will gradually, step by step, develop 'chemistry'. They will adjust to playing together, improving their efficiency - reflected by the line's attribute Chemistry. (Chem). The better the chemistry, the higher chance the line will successfuly execute a special tactical offensive action - which has a higher chance of scoring then the standard action. Maximum chemistry (Max) of a line depends on the current line's tactics and on the players' tactical performance on their positions in the line (Tactical profiles). Don't worry, the line's chemistry will not decrease if you just change it's tactics - only the maximum chemistry will be changed and the current chemistry will slowly decrease during the following days if the maximum chemistry is lower than the current.
  • Tactical profiles - you can find it for every player, just click on 'Profile' from his page!

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