Goalie penalty minutes ?
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17:26:47, 21.08.17

Hi mates,

Isn't there any possibility to add "penalty minutes" for goalies... ? I see that last NHL season we had some goalies with minor penalties (a lot of them with 2 or 3 minor p.)....

You need a high value on SC for a goalie not loosing confidence in him .. no .. ? soo it should be interesting to see how often is a goalie penalised for his behaviour... and at what values of SC he can loose his confidence and after allowing 3 or 4 consecutive goals he can get 2 minutes .. let's say for delaying the game .. ?


Herbert Knox
12:04:01, 22.08.17

It would be fun to have "Ron Hextall" effect for goalies :-)

Don Juan
22:58:39, 25.08.17

Forget it. Not going to happen.

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