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17:36:27, 18.11.17

Hi mates,

@ Icko: isn't there any possibility to modify a little bit the info. page for the goalies .. ? Since the goalies can't take penalties in HA (I would like to have these feature too implemented sometimes), it will be nice to have instread of "Penalties in minutes" the new Wins - right we have only Games but no information about how many games he won .. ???


05:03:37, 19.11.17

Excellent suggestion David.

11:55:21, 05.12.17

I think Shutouts would be more fun :D

01:20:33, 10.12.17

W-L, SO, & GAA

01:24:36, 10.12.17

mikeinportc 01:20:33, 10.12.17 W-L, SO, & GAA
& somehwere it would be nice to be able to look at PP/SH/Reg goals, and also how many were via unstoppable shots, without going through all the match reports.

To get an idea of how much is the goalie, & how much of it is the team in front of him, and the opponents.

14:01:58, 06.01.18

I would like to see a column of "average goals/assists per game" in statistics. Shouldn't be too hard to do and we shouldn't divide the number by ourselves.
Also could you bring rating back to match reports? What happened to it anyway? I sometimes wonder how come my player wasn't among the 3 stars of the game and there is no rating for players to compare.

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