searching for players with "0 day contracts" on
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15:59:08, 08.03.18

For me it wasn't possible to search therefore. I always have to enter "1" at contracts duration field, e.g. 0-1. But with this setting, you will get 1 day contracts as well.
If you enter 0-0, you got all players.

16:00:31, 08.03.18

sorry, it has cut the rest of my headline, which was "...the market"

11:47:02, 10.03.18

You can use 0.1

12:50:10, 10.03.18

Why do you need it?

12:43:13, 20.03.18

The tip with the 0.1 is great thx. Didn't know, floating point is allowed here.
So why one would need this? Because you can search for players without contracts, e.g. mustered out players or from abandoned teams ;)

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