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Robert Lee
18:59:04, 13.12.18

Hey y'all!

I am an American citizen living in Denmark. A friend introduced me to this game and so far it seems pretty cool.
I have a question though. How do you practice your players? Can you practice more than one skill at a time?
Does the quality of the player effect his practicing abilities?

God is great
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Herbert Knox
13:51:44, 14.12.18

Follow the guide from the training page, upper right corner: little red questions mark. It explains the setup of schedules.
The quality have huge impact on the amount of training, so does the age/potential.

And let's leave religion and politics out of the forum....

Robert Lee
21:42:25, 15.12.18

Now it makes sense. I was not aware of the question marks. Thanks Herb!
Faith in God is not religion but I got the message...

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