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 New forum rules
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11:40:06, 12.06.10

Please note the following NEW forum rules:

There are some new rules in the game:
- its forbidden to advertise other online manager games on the discussions (its possible to arrange an exception please write to icko@hockeyarena.net)
- its forbidden to highlight your discussion topic using special characters or uppercase, bumping, i.e. replying needlessly to a thread to raise its status in order to promote yourself or the content of the thread is also forbidden.

22:36:10, 30.08.10

dont spam another topics... if u want friendly match ,open ur own topics or send challenge to someone who already has topic

06:49:53, 01.11.10


The title does not contain the words of capital letters (eg LOYALITY, EXP,DEF,ATT etc.) or special characters (eg loyality +3 and below the hill !!!!!!!, .......,//// / /, :-))) .... etc.) or smiles

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