U20 election
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07:38:13, 14.02.13

Hello bulgarian managers!

I was just wondering, how would you feel if I nominated myself to be elected as the manager of Bulgarian U20 national team? So far you don't have that many nominees and I could be a good choice. Why? Because I have long experience playing with youngsters and I have also played this game many years. In Finland (where I am from) we have this youth tournament, meant for players 21 or younger and I have won that tournament 7 times now. I think Bulgaria has pretty decent 19 year old players and it would be great challenge to manage them, maybe even promote to first division.

All I can promise is that I'll do my best to get best results from the competition... Don't be afraid to vote for me, as I'll have the time and motivation to bring Bulgaria to the next level...


Ex-Rasta / Mikko from Finland

18:37:58, 27.02.13

thanks for adding my player Grigor Dimova for the representation! We appreciate it!

21:46:43, 19.11.13

Vote for me!

Съобщението беше изтрито

21:12:11, 12.01.15

Hello my friends!

I decided to candidate for your U-20 team. I have 7 years old experience with Hockeyarena and a lot of time experience with young players. I bring up a lot of young players. I think, Bulgarian has lot of potential in Hockeyarena. Let it develop together! I have some other methods in training that others managers, so I think, I can be good benefit. I prefer top attack with secured defense. Let's make better position Bulgarian U-20. Believe me!

After my possible election I will choose 2 managers for helping with scouting.
Thank you!


Helmys, Czech Republic

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