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04.12.2022 - Happy Holidays 2022 jersey

Happy Holidays from Hockey Arena in 2022! Some of your players can win a Christmas jersey as a nice present along with a useful bonus. Every Saturday, players with the team roles of captains or assistant captains are eligible to unlock this special jersey "Happy Holidays".
Players will be selected randomly from the top 30 league players ordered by the smallest AI per years of potential left.
The jersey can be won by 3 players per week in each MAIN league and 3 players in the U23 leagues. Teams that already own this jersey cannot win the same during this event.

Requirements: Team captain/assistant captain, player with lower than maximum possible potential and also his current potential 24% or higher, age 22 or higher, games 6 or more.

Bonus after activating: increase of player's potential by one season
After deactivating: decrease of player's potential by one season

Duration of event: 10th December - 31st December

Warning, this jersey cannot be donated!!


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