WorldCup s57: win a sponsorpack!
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23:29:48, 12.01.15

To get you involved a bit more I've created a small challenge on the external forum:

You can win a 3 month sponsorpack (or 1 year if you win both challenges) if you predict the following best:
1) the final standings of the WorldCup (#1 to #16)
2) the best performing line of Germany during the WorldCup

You can read everything about it at the link given on top.

For the prediction of the final standings of the WorldCup you have until 23 january, but the first match is coming saturday already against Poland so better make sure you do the second one before the match is played.

Good luck!

00:45:36, 20.01.15

Reminder: you have until the 2nd match is played (saturday 19:00) to send in or update your prediction of the final standings of the World Cup.

The best performing line against Poland was Schulke & Kruger (both +/- 0), which brings us to the following points given:
1: mmqueezer / LIIT
0: refused / boatscha / Domenator / everyone else caring to join

There are not many people joining us yet, so quite an easy objective to win a free sponsorpack I would say. ;)

There were some surprising tactics first round of the WorldCup, you can read all about it on the external forum:

17:20:51, 23.01.15

Reminder, about 24 hours left:

01:04:46, 24.01.15

The game against Sweden, tonight live at around 19h15 at the following link:

02:36:14, 31.01.15

Sat 31 jan 19h15: Germany - Finland

Link to live broadcast:

Interested in the background story? Check the external forum!

Der Beitrag wurde gelöscht

01:56:05, 07.02.15

You know the drill, check the external forum for team news.

Sat 7 feb 19h15: Germany - Russia

Link to live broadcast:

17:47:43, 14.02.15

Before I forget, this is the link to tonights live broadcast of the game:

Sat 14 feb 19h15: Germany - Switzerland

Afterparty at the external forum. Our mood is not known yet. ;)

18:45:41, 21.02.15

Because of the tight loss last week we need to win this one:

Sat 21 feb 19h05: Germany - Slovakia

19:29:59, 21.02.15

Team news on the external forum.

19:10:20, 22.03.15

NT Deutschland Saison 58+

Hi, you can read my plans for the NT on the external forum when logged in:

If you disagree with that feel free to nominate yourself and/or explain what should be done differently. Otherwise please vote for me (again), the election can be found over here:

As before, when elected all public communication will go through the external forum, so please register and ask DangerForce for access to the NT forum if you haven't done that yet.

21:18:16, 01.03.17

sorry for spam but...

I am looking for 2 teams who can play my tournament who is playing on Wednesday. The winner receive Sponsor pack for 3 months!

I need 2 teams as soon as possible because the tournament begins next Wednesday!

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