NT Germany: job opening
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20:36:03, 26.09.16

For the people not reading the external forum: it's time for you to find another coach that's going to represent your national team, current results are not what we all expected and I take full responsibility. If you're interested in the job go find the external forum, you'll want the wonderful community over there to back you and they need to know your ideas:


I already said it on the external forum, but I know some of you simply won't join there: it was an honour representing you guys the last couple of years, thanks for the cooperation and mostly pleasant communication.

I salute you

19:53:18, 02.10.16

We are still open for Candidates! :)

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Jakub 92
12:25:28, 03.10.16

Dear managers,

I would like to candidate for German NT coach. Mission? Go back to TOP division of World Champions!

Some about me:
I´m manager from Czech Republic and I played HA since year 2007. Last seasons I travel between first and second Czech league with only target - make better and better team and stay in very hard 1. Czech league.

I have some experiences with National Team. I was coach of Denmark and went with this team to better division.

German is one of biggest community in HA and this National team must be in TOP division! I you vote me for coach of NT, my only target will be go up to top division of World Champions!

Go with me!


10:34:59, 07.10.16

Schade das die anderen Kandidaten KEIN WORT sagen :(

Jakub 92
19:26:17, 07.10.16

Last day tomorrow!

Do your election! :)

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