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 Idea: Eliminate friendly days for shorter seasons
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01:23:53, 07.02.20

to make the game less boring. Juniors can now play in u23 league. I have spoken.

19:38:36, 07.02.20

bad idea..can be closed...

10:50:57, 08.02.20

There is just one day that is open.
its the sunday

dont think we win so much with that.

wednesday is cup, WL aso
Saturday is WC from NT or U20

so we speak about a 7 days shorter season

14:07:37, 08.02.20

Many teams use Sundays for tournaments like young guns. Leave it as is.

16:17:44, 08.02.20

These are things that affect a very small number of teams while there isn't enough to do to keep the attention span of many more managers. They could also be run the same day with a little tweaking. And junior cup and young guns don't seem very relevant anymore with an official league coming. I have spoken.

08:04:11, 09.02.20

yeah, because people really pay attention to their teams on the weekend...

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