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 U23 Teams
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23:11:54, 30.03.20

I thought the players in U-23 belong to the A-team, the A-team pay their salarys right?

00:30:41, 31.03.20

Yes, that's what I understoood also.

The post has been deleted

The post has been deleted

Pavel Burek
09:45:40, 06.05.20

Is there a difference between training and experience gain in playoff and playout in U23 leagues or not?

03:39:21, 24.05.20

Need places for new U23 teams.

17:54:31, 24.05.20

No more places for U23 team available. Please change that, thanks

17:55:14, 24.05.20

Bump for more U23 teams please!

18:53:31, 24.05.20

tomorrow gentlemen :) i talked with Icko today.

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