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 about the statisticpage of drafted players
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08:02:44, 02.04.20

Hello All,

I wanted a clarification about the statistic page of drafted players

I see from the tables that if for exampe I pick a 17y Q92, Pm-1 he weights 19% (% of what?)

my question is...this figure remains constant or changes next season? in particular, for this player, next season he will appears like a 18y Q92 Pm-1. will his weight changes to 13% or will it remains always the same until the 240 days expired?

20:45:12, 02.04.20

100% is if you pull 100/100 16y old. Your example player will have 19% affect on draft rating. If you pull one with 0%, it has no effect on your position.
It's calculated once you pull it, if you keep him on youthshool for a year then it would be lower, but doesn't go down with that 240 day period.

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