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 Experience and training in different leagues
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Pavel Burek
09:53:55, 30.04.20

Players get more experiences in higher leagues, right? What about training, do they also train better on average if exact same player plays in 2nd or 3rd league?

Also I know that players get more experience and probably also train better in playoff games, when on the otherside playout games don't change anything, right?

So here is the main question, what's better for players development, to play in 3rd league and also play few playoff games or to play in 2nd league and play only playout games?

14:59:45, 30.04.20

Normally 3rd League

Pavel Burek
18:00:36, 30.04.20

So the best way is to lost in the semi-final of playoff in 3rd divison and don't get promoted in 2nd divison?

09:18:04, 04.05.20

Puh! Good Question...

Its easier to stay in the 2 nd League than to rise up in a higher league.

thats why i always tried to get a league higher.

but just from the point of training and exp, u should use the PO games...

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