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 Training question
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05:15:59, 19.08.20


My 1st line consists of my best youth players. I'm trying to train them so they are the future stars. I give them relatively a lot of ice time.

What I do not understand is how there is quite a big difference in their training%. I understand there will be some difference due to their P, Q and age, but I do not understand why there is quite a big difference between the players. Especially my 2 defenders seem to train less than the forwards. One of my 1st line defenders trains even worse than an older defender on the 2nd line who gets less ice time.

Any advice/clarification is welcome!!!!


17:28:02, 19.08.20

PP and PK givea lot of experience and maybe also affect the training. Stick to one PK and one PP line and let the future stars play.

It also depends on the energy of the players after the game, as they train less after an exhausting game, but earn more experience

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