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 Young players
Pavel Burek
19:28:55, 07.11.20

If you have all the team's facilites on maximum, which means training and regeneration area on 250, which is the best "incubator" for young players, it's the best to have as much 17 years old players as you can get, because they will train and develop great.

But, will they develop good even if they won't play a single minute? What is better for their development, that they play around 10 to 15 minutes per game in 2nd and 3rd line, or to not play at all and only train?

21:09:54, 07.11.20

Ice time is always better than no ice time.

00:57:55, 08.11.20

Yep. Let them pley the most as possible. Then you get the best training.

05:48:38, 08.11.20

Not always.
The reserve player trains better than the 3rd row player. But without increasing experience.
The player in the reserve trains worse than the player in the second row.
This is true when the time is 65-55-45.

06:33:33, 08.11.20

If your player has 0 experience they are worthless.

The post has been deleted

Herbert Knox
09:26:28, 16.09.21

put your 17 olds i a U23 team...and let them play