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10:57:52, 16.12.20

When does the chosen player from draft join the team? Will it be still in this season (and I can use this seasons' intense training option on him) or at the beginning of a new season?

Pavel Burek
12:03:46, 16.12.20

At the beginning of a new season, so you will have to use next seasons' intesne training option.

12:10:30, 16.12.20

Thanx for info. Does the drafted player come to your team even if the YS is full?

Pavel Burek
12:14:41, 16.12.20

He does. :)

Pavel Burek
10:26:49, 09.05.21

Why are players on the draft so bad? I already scouted for this season draft in my B team, where I play in Spanish 3rd league and that's the best 6 players on the draft:

1. 93/max-2
2. 92/max-2
3. 91/max-2
4. 91/max-2
5. 90/max-2
6. 90/max-2

Not a single player that has potential higher than max-2, doesn't have quality at least 90. And this 6 players are actually the only players with quality over 90 that have potential at least max.-2. And also their quality is pretty low for that potential, they should have at least 97 or something, to be considered as decent young talents.

Why is that so? Because it's not something new, it's happening season after season in my both teams (with my A team I don't have enough scouting attempts to see how it is this season, but I'm pretty sure it will be similar).