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 Which player is better
22:07:15, 27.01.21

Which 17y is better: Q:97/P:82 or Q:91/P:88?

09:54:05, 31.01.21

how we could know it, only from Q/P ?

12:09:30, 31.01.21

Isn't Q and P the only thing that matters at age 17? Let's say they have the same AI and the same distribution of skills.

14:21:58, 31.01.21

you know, it depends on AI, on attributes, position- W,C, D, G :) and also his loyality ...
but ok.. for me Better Q

11:26:00, 01.02.21

In my approximations, the differenve between a season of potential is abou 4-5 Q points. So in this case Q97 P82 is better. Probably :)

11:45:18, 01.02.21

yes, Q97 has better average training in comparison to Q 91... so this possibility to have one more season for training is no so big deal :)

17:39:57, 01.02.21

Also when a player gets old and is on 0 pot, he has a chance of extending his 0 pot for seasons.

18:27:30, 01.02.21

Also, players who aren't max P will decline slower than better P players (-5 instead of -6, etc.)

07:46:03, 02.02.21

Quality values more, since now you can increase all other aspects of player.. (: