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 WCH in ice hockey 2021 Latvia - Betting competition
10:59:06, 13.05.21

Hi all,
as every year i organize on this website :
a betting competition for all hockey fans !
After few problems site should be prepared by today, no later then tomorrow.
If you have interest and want be a part of this group of managers, just let me know here :

Then i will send you password and explanation, how to bet and put your tipes and whats the rules are.

For winner is prepared 1 year SP from me and also from manager trifid for the second place. Usually we have more then one donors or sponsors :)

in our topic ( slovak discussion ) you can find the list of the managers who want to participate or be a part of this.. you can put your name there also, it is input for me and based on this info i will create for you an account with password, which can be changed directly on the website, if you want.

So for those who want have a little fun during WCH wish all the best and good bets :)

best regards

13:42:51, 17.05.21

Last days and chances to join and have fun during WCH in Ice-hockey in Latvia :)