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 amend the injury bug
06:46:14, 28.08.21

there is clearly a bug related to the players who get injuries, there is no other explanation if you confirm there is no hidden skill related to the injury proneness

I have this player,
he was a monster and now he is ruined because he is always injured and he never trains

here a resume of the last weeks

w1 - no inj
w2 - 2 days
w3 - 1 day
w4 - 4 days
w5 - 1 days
w6 - 2 days

now he is newly injured 4 days

he was 88% OV, now he dropped to 85 and he will further drop in these days

it's frustrating in this way...there is no funny.

I understand injuries are part of the game, but like this it's too much

icko could you pls do something?

10:10:53, 28.08.21

I have the same problem at this season.
My Player have 5 injury in this season. 3 Time i used jersey -2 Day injury.
I never see something like this. Maybe its jersey bug?

23:56:43, 28.08.21

Yaeh I've heard injuries are a problem.
But I mean is bad luck really a bug?

Injuries are a part of the game, you said it best yourself. In hockey it really isn't rare for players to get hurt multiple times a season and also for a lot longer. Your guy has still been healthy for like 2/3 of the season and played in 15 games. And also those kind of numbers are not new even in HA, maybe you just haven't encountered it before. Or maybe something's changed and it's happening to more players now. I just don't see it as a bad thing.

To me it feels like this is a problem for people because everyone is just used to HA having far too few injuries.

And hey, if you're serious about that guy being ruined I'm sure many will gladly take him off your hands.

19:24:30, 08.09.21

2-3 games and out for another 5 days....ahahahhaah