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 National players in forfeited teams
20:39:59, 23.08.22


Question regarding national team players that are in teams that has or will dissapear. When will those be available in the transfer market? Does anyone now. I have a player in my national squad with 9 days left, will he be available then?


18:25:54, 25.08.22

Do not understand what you think with that: that are in teams that has or will dissapear
1)If you ask about teams without manager:
NT players will be on market when new manager is assign to the team without manager

2)If you asked about teams who have manager (but he is not active):
During the time with manager, players appear on UFA normally. After manager has been sacked, then look point 1)

19:47:57, 25.08.22

It is point 1) but there will probably not be a new manager as we are a really small nation. But I guess we can hope the contract is kot automatically renewed when there is no manager.

20:02:26, 25.08.22

Sadly, it is…
I am coach of Colombia and I have the same - team without manager and I am waiting half of season when somebody create Bteam in Colombia and choose these exact team i need :( players train only few %, do not regenerate correctly, so loose AI vs other players…

23:57:49, 25.08.22

That is indeed sad. Hope you will have a new manager soon.

Norway is not a B nation and new users are next to nothing, so guess that player will never be used again.

10:12:38, 26.08.22

If there is no B team option, it is practically impossible. Or try to ask some of your friend to create account, but still he will not be able to choose a team, but system will assing a team to him…
With B team you can choose, which one you want, so it is simplier, I only need to find somebody with sponsor pack who do not have B team yet :D

22:15:22, 26.08.22

That should be possible. I know some active users without a B team. Will check and get back to you.

11:10:59, 27.08.22