Defender - Strength is must or overrated?
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22:17:21, 01.09.19

It seems to me (and correct me if I'm wrong) that the revamp of the engine with increased fatigue during game pushed strength in front.
After the revamp, players droped all in energy at the end of the game to 90-95% energy even with high facilities. So there was a roundup there that was a bad fix.
Players with high strength seemed less fatigue prone. And I don't mean lose of energy. In this case (from the games watched) speed effectiveness dropped and also passing. Leaving attack and defense aside, the attack phase with opponent with high strength became overpowering.
NTs in s20-s30 with offensive defensemen with 70-80 passing disappeared to be shifted to high strength players. It oversimplified the game engine.
In relation to the real game, it can work even like this. Maybe when you have 500 AI def ... put high penalties on low speed, pass, etc.

That's what I see from the outside. That strength always remains constant, while the other skills (for the attacking team) go in fatigue and are less effective than normal.
Maybe that bad fix should be revisited. Maybe there should an extra attack phase (say 1 neutral+1 attacking) where defensemen use speed as normal and not 20% speed-80%strength.

22:38:12, 01.09.19

Same thing with hitting - if hitting value is always constant with primary str and Sco, in a normal real game hiitting is valued by proximity.
Proximity is positioning in attack/defense = attack value, compared speeds, compared stregths, SCo, line aggr.
IF strength is a constant to make hitting in game engine constant, it's a mistake.

21:19:43, 02.09.19

The physical play engine broke the system of high strength wingers being most effective, which is a good thing. But the engine doubt led the importance of strength on defenders as it is primary for defending and physical play. Perhaps removing speed and strength from both defending and attacking and letting the physical play engine be the sole use of physical skills would be a solution, albeit a frustrating one for national teams.

21:22:22, 02.09.19

magicspeedo 21:19:43, 02.09.19 .... doubt led ...


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