A suggestion about player roles in team.
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23:34:32, 30.08.19

I watch the live broadcast for allmost all of my games and it frustrates me that defenders with very low attack and shooting take so many shots and pure shooters with little to none passing are trying to assist those defenders.

My suggestion to this is making it possible to choose a primary action for a player when he has a puck.
Those actions could consist of:
*Shoot whenever in zone;
*Shoot if in front of the net;
*Pass if someone has a better position;
*Pass no matter what.

Also there could be similar actions for defence like checking for stronger players, hooking for players with higher self-control, pressuring the attackers for players with a lot of speed and so on.

Any thoughts on this?

23:35:29, 30.08.19

I know that developers are working on better tactics for the game and maybe those will include something similar.

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