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20.02.2021 - Giving up teams 2

We've changed a bit how the giving up teams are being identified in games. The system will calculate the average AI of players in the game with at least 2 minutes of ice-time and if this average will be lower than 80% of the team's best 17 players' AI, then the game is considered as given up for the purpose of this feature and this happens:

"We didn't use our best line-up in our playoff game"
Teams will get this info in their news after a Playoff game, in case they didn't use their best line-up.
Also your opponent will have this item in his team news:
"The opponent didn't use the best line-up in the playoff match, our players gave up the financial reward for winning" As a result, the opponent's team will pay no winning players bonuses for this game, even though the motivation was boosted, as if the bonus would have been paid.


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