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03.09.2021 - Happy Servant - September 2021

Faithful and reliable performance of one's duties and voluntary self-restraint are considered virtue. During our September event "Happy Servant" you can get a special jersey for this occasion. Each player wearing this jersey will increase their loyalty by 3 levels!

The jersey can be won by 1 player per week in each main league and 1 player in the U23 leagues. Teams that already own this jersey cannot win the same during this event.

Conditions: The player has experience of 80 and more, loyalty +2 or less, captain or assistant captain, league games 1 and more, age 20 and more
Players will be randomly selected each Saturday from 30 top league players (eligible) - based on experience.

Activation bonus: increase loyalty by 3 levels, decrease experience by 80 (possible loyalty levels are: -3, -2, -1, +1, +2, +3)
Upon deactivation: a corresponding reduction in loyalty and an increase in experience

Duration: 1.9.2021 - 26.9.2021



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