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04.06.2022 - Recovery - June 2022

After a busy season, it's time to relax and regenerate! Everyone is already enjoying the current season, but you must be healthy to enjoy it to the fullest. That is why we have a special jersey for you just for this occasion. The players who have gained the most injuries this season can get a special "Recovery" jersey every Saturday during June!

The jersey can be won by 1 player per week in each MAIN league and 1 player in the U23 leagues. Teams that already own this jersey cannot receive the same during this event.

Conditions: The player is a captain or assistant captain, league games 2 and over, age 20 and over
Players will be randomly selected from the top 30 league players (eligible) - according to this season's injuries

Activation bonus: one-time reduction of the current injury by 2 days
On deactivation: nothing

Duration: 1.6.2022 - 3.7.2022



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