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13.10.2022 - Halloween Tricks or Treats - October 2022

Things are getting spooky in Hockey Arena! During October, players can win a "Halloween Trick" or "Halloween Treat" jerseys - every Saturday. The Halloween trick will increase the player's self-control by 10 and Halloween treat will increase the player's speed by 10.

The jersey can be won by 1 player per week in each main league and 1 player in the U23 leagues. Teams that already own this jersey cannot win the same during this event.

Conditions trick: Penalty minutes 10+, league games 1 and more, age 20 - 29 (top 30 players according to penalty minutes)
Conditions treat: Captain or assistant captain, weeks in team 40 and more, league games 1 and more, age 20 and more (top 30 players by weeks in team)

Activation bonus: increase of self-control (speed) by 10 points
When deactivated: corresponding attribute reduction

Duration: 13.10.2022 - 30.10.2022



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