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09:48:00, 03.01.11

I have decided to try candidature in your country because I would like to work with your team. I play HA for almost 5 years and I have reached I.st Slovakian league what is fast progress. Now I m in II. league because of young team. Playing in Slovakia is most difficult on HA so I have lot of experiences. Last year I won Slovakian National Cup where I beated I.league teams with my special tactics. I played PO in National chamions cup too.

If you give me your vote I will try to promote to WC group where Lithuania should be! I cant promise you that I will promote, but I will do my best and I hope that my tactics will help to beat "stronger" teams.

So If you want to help your team you should vote for Tipler.

thank you

21:39:37, 03.01.11

Fuck off

11:40:50, 04.01.11

Stepas 21:39:37, 03.01.11 Fuck off


22:02:49, 07.04.14

All candidates to U-20 coach in Lithuania spread your word and tell us, why should we vote for you

23:27:45, 07.04.14

Hi, last PC I headed the Latvian U-20, but not those with the best results. But I have experience and ideas how train young players and how better choose game tactics. I have motivation work with your NT, because your NT success is also my success.
The samples with small countries with small numbers of managers for further progress, but work actively to community managers. A good example is Kazakhstan.
Maybe manager from other communities can help your NT to stay better.
In HA I am constantly, so the communication of the sample will not be a big problems.


23:40:35, 07.04.14

P.s. With next cycle players the current work cycle coach from the age of 17.

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