NT Serbia Head coach elections 54-55 seasons
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13:08:14, 16.06.14

Hi everybody!
NT Serbia Head coach elections started!

You can vote here:


I would like to work at this position and that's why I decided to nominate for this position.

For the last 8 seasons I was Head coach of NT Russia.
I have an experience of 4 World Cups, where I won 2 gold medals for Russian team.
But now I would like someone else to be GM in Russia, so other managers can get the experience of managing Russian NT.

But I would like to continue my work at NT level.
And it is important for me to do it in brotherhood country, such as Serbia always was and will be for Russia.

I feel, that I have enough manager skills, experience, free online time, energy and ambitions to promote Serbia to WC elite after a number of seasons.

If I will be Serbia NT Head coach, the main objectives in my work will be:

1) Try to promote Serbia to WC elite Group in a 3-4 seasons
(maybe it will be just 2 seasons, but we should be realistic and must understand, that current generation of top Serbian players is not so good to give such promises).
2) Creating NT-reserve players database for NT-roster planning for seasons + their ice-time and NT-training plan control.
Such database will cover all ages and will be very useful for any next NT coach
3) Start working with Serbia U20 to help both NT's to prepare a new generation of top Serbian players with good Quality/Potential for future seasons
4) High publicity for the Serbian Community, so that every interested manager can understand what is happening in NT, can study and can use my experience and, due to that, I hope that NT will be more interesting for maximum number of home managers.
Here,it will be great, if we will have some insider forum (not HA) with registration only for Serbian managers, were we can discuss all NT problems and can exchange our ideas and experience for our common result!

This was my style of work in NT Russia and this way I plan to work here to the good of NT Serbia and Serbian HA-Community!

If somebody have any questions for me - feel free to ask!

If you would like to see me as NT Head coach, don't forget, please, to vote for my candidature:)

20:34:58, 16.06.14

By the way, next cycle WC IIB group will look like this:

New Zealand

15:10:56, 20.06.14

I have already finished 22+ top Serbian players data base and in tomorrow's game against Denmark some new tactical lines will be represented to the Serbian Community;)
I must be honest - our nearest reserves of NT are pretty short and in future seasons we should work hard together to grow a new generation of young players (in cooperation with Serbia U20 of course), who could fight for the higher results.

22:47:20, 20.06.14

Serbia – Denmark

Our opponent in this game is pretty stronger, then we are, but if we want to rush for WC Group I and, later, WC elite, we should be ready to play against stronger teams all the way.
That’s why I have appointed exhibition games against such a good teams as Denmark, USA, Italy, Germany, Austria and Romania. And these games will help us not only to test our weak points (I see them of course), but also will bring us experience of playing against top-teams of WC Group I level.

Average Skill index of top-3 lines:

Denmark: 435-426-421
Serbia: 408-381-362

As Denmark is much more skilled and experienced team, we have a chance in this game only if our defence+keeper will be good,our PP will finish its scoring chances and PK will be solid. Also in this game I start rising chemistry for a new line,wich will help us alot, as I believe, in 55-59 seasons.
Live translation will start today after 19:30 HA time:


Napred Srbija!

17:00:32, 22.06.14

Izbori za selektora nacionalnog tima su završeni, ovo su rezultati :

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Thanks alot for your support, colleagues!
I will try my best to breath new life into Serbian National Team and to achive good results with it!
In nearest seasons we have alot of work to do all together to grow a new generation of domestic players and to promote NT Serbia to higher World leagues. And I'm loockimg forward for your support and assistance in this tough, but ambitious task!
Napred Srbija!

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