15.05.2016 - version 5.8

it's now possible the change the shot aiming in the advanced tactics and there is a new condition when the opponent switches goalkeepers
form now on it's impossible the switch back to the 1st goalie in the game
you can now use the L1-L2.. style of substitutes setup (sponsor pack only)
maximum number of standard lines has been increased to 20 (from 12)
maximum number of special lines of one kind has been increased to 10 (from 6)
maximum number of substitutes of one kind has been increased to 12 (from 10)
minimum possible offer to a league sponsor has been increased to 66% of the maximum (from 40%)
the daily profit has been corrected to include the weekly payments from the league sponsors
the teams top16 has a new value average games’ attendance
you can now filter on the market based on the players' contract
the maximum possible accumulated scout attempts has been increased
you can now remove goalkeepers from lineup for one game
the goalkeeper's weak spot will be invisible to the manager's designated assistant

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