Instructions for training players - NT
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14:32:24, 24.04.18


as much as I can see, Denmark has a lot of young and perspective players but if you want to "exploit" all of the potential they have, you have to train them in the right direction.

Wingers -> I have nothing to say, very good trained,excellent condition.
Centres -> Some of them are trained ok, but it could be a lot of better, good condition.
Defenders -> ok, I will be straight and say: the condition of Denmark NT defenders is just disastrous. No strenght at all, and barely any defenders with strenght above 100, disastrous condition.

So in order to make things right, star training defenders in this way: (distribution of 450AI skill points)
Strenght -> 200
Defense -> 160
Self-control -> 45
Passing -> 25
Speed -> 20

This is the distribution of skill points that NT players should have. Except rare exceptions (10% of defenders, 1 out of 10), which should have more passing abillity.

I will send some mails among Denmark managers in order to shift the thinking, I hope you will all listen to my recommendations. If not, you can tell me now and I won't stand for next elections for sure because it would be senseless.

At most I appeal those words to managers which have 26-years or younger players.

Looking forward to a good cooperation.

14:34:36, 25.04.18

Here are advanced recommendations/requirements for NT players.

So, here is training plan for all young players (450 AI distribuiton of skill points):

Strenght -> 200 (! most important)
Defense -> 160
Self-control -> 45
Speed -> 25
Passing -> 20

Passing -> 130
Offense -> 150
Strenght -> 70
Self-Control -> 45
Shooting -> 55

Shooting -> 190
Offense -> 150
Speed -> 65
Self-control -> 45

Try to follow these guidelines and start training your players in this way, especially defenders. They must have at least 170 strenght, recommended 200-220.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and contact me. Also, I would also like to hear your feedback and thinking about this - If you agree or not.

This is it for now, I have sent this to all Denmark managers, especially those who take care of young talents.

Thanks for your time and have a good time,

RR - Denmark NT manager

Herbert Knox
08:14:50, 26.04.18

I guess you want some feedback:
I do not agree to the distribution you suggest, at least not for the strength attribute. I believe it is set to high. I my experience main attribute (def) should be higher than secondary attribute (strength).

What is your reason behind this (in my mind) dramatic requirement for strength ?

09:16:29, 26.04.18

Thanks for your reply.

The answer is simple - the best teams and the best defenders have this kind of skill distribuiton. Why? If you want to achieve high line hitting, which is condition to be competitive, you need defenders with this kind of skill distribution.
Let's take for example Zdoba United.

Line hitting of Denmark NT: (agressivity / hitting)
low 133
low 124
low 129

Line hitting of Zdoba united:
medium 235
medium 255
medium 217

Skill profiles of his defenders: (examples)
Goalie 0 Strength 208
Defense 174 Speed 8
Offense 1 Self-control 42
Shooting 3 Form 100
Passing 62

Goalie 0 Strength 188
Defense 165 Speed 8
Offense 3 Self-control 42
Shooting 6 Form 100
Passing 87

Goalie 0 Strength 197
Defense 156 Speed 17
Offense 7 Self-control 46
Shooting 15 Form 48
Passing 12

Goalie 0 Strength 201
Defense 171 Speed 16
Offense 7 Self-control 47
Shooting 6 Form 100
Passing 16

His results? Just look at his profile and see how many tittles in WL he won.

I hope this was convincing enough, I also use the same skill distribution, majority of HA managers use this kind of skill distribution.
Here is the example of my best defender:
Goalie 0 (0%) Speed 20 (46%)
Defense 214 (6%) Strength 221 (30%)
Offense 8 (53%) Self-control 52 (90%)
Shooting 13 (96%) Form 100 (0)
Passing 14 (66%) Experience 571 (37%)


19:18:07, 29.04.18

I will bid in with some feedback as well.

Generally, I think many Danish managers would be flexible concerning training and would consider training a player in a specific direction if the national coach would wish for it. That being said, I am quite sure, that most Danish managers (including myself) do not generally wish to train our defenders to have 200 strength. What do the rest of you guys out there think?

Also, I assume that you do not want all defenders, all wings and all centers to have the exact same profile. Would it not make more sense to ask for skill values within a frame instead of "fixed values" based on AI 450? Or to ask for different profiles, with various distributions of the AI 450?

Please let us know your thoughts about this, also so that we will know, if this adventure will last for more than 2 seasons...

21:32:06, 29.04.18

Hey, thanks for your reply.

Ofcourse it is impossible to have all defenders with 200 strenght or more, but this is the value that NT players should have in order to be competitive with other NTs. That is fact, the game enginge has changed a several seasons ago and we have to make changes, modifications in our heads.

Ofcourse not, that is impossible. I was Slovenia NT manager for many seasons and I did not have a perfect player in all that time. But that is something we should strive for.

Line hitting is important. How to achieve high line hitting? Defenders and centres - strenght, wingers - speed.

And this is not something that will be "popular" in Denmark NT when I am it's manager, it will be also very good for the following managers for sure.


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