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 March Shape-Up
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08:59:47, 22.03.20

Don't kbow what was written here by autor of the theme but I would really need some explanation about this "jerseys" for shape up. How does it work? I recieved the message, like all of us did, with many players, some of them are in my team. Are this just candidates and the two players who get bonuses are above them or how does it works?

Thanks a lot for information and explanation.

Have fun

09:13:25, 22.03.20

1) The list "March Shape-Up: Players" shows all players qualified for the jersey give away.
2) The list "Jersey" shows players who won the jersey.

3) If there are no your players in the list "Jersey", you shouldn't do anything.
4) If there is your player in the list "Jersey", the column "Team" will have your team (instead of ?????).
4) If there is your player in the list "Jersey", click on him and you'll understand what next.

20:31:05, 22.03.20

Thanks a lot!

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