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Game System
Hockey Arena (HA) is a hockey game in which you manage a hockey team in competition with other managers from all over the world

You play the role of the manager and also serve partially as coach (but not owner!!). You buy and sell players, improve your stadium, develop young prospectss, set your team's line-up for matches, along with other duties.

You perform all team management tasks through the game pages - you view recent events in the team (News), you set your line-up for your next match (Line-up), you acquire players on the market (Market) etc.

The so-called "night update" runs automatically every day at 22:00. During the night update, the following activities take place, in order :
  • termination and automatic extension of the players' contracts
  • thorough player scouting
  • payment of costs from the team's cash
  • calculation of building progress
  • processing of transactions on the transfer market
  • team assignments to new managers
  • matches
  • training/recovery of the players
  • players' night recovery

    Night update lasts from 60 to 90 minutes and the game is closed during that time.

  • Leagues and matches system
    The number of leagues in each country varies and new leagues are generally established based on the number of managers in that country. Each league consists of 16 teams. During the regular season, every team plays its 30 matches. Points are distributed during the regular season as follows :
    Win during regulation - 3 points
    Overtime win - 2 points
    Loss during regulation - 0 points
    Overtime loss - 1 point
    Draw - 1 point

    Position of a team is determined based on the total number of points from regular season. Tie-breakers are goal difference followed by goals for.

    Playoffs follow the regular season and the top 8 teams from the regular season qualify for the playoffs. There are three rounds in the playoffs (quarterfinals, semifinals, finals). Team which wins 2 out of three games advances to the next round. Higher seeded teams during the regular season have home ice advantage in the series, opening home. Wtih each game of the series home ice alternates.

    2, or 4 teams are relegated to lower league (based on regular season standings) depending on the number of leagues on the lower level. Playoff finalists are promoted to the next higher league.

    The entire season lasts 70 days (10 weeks).

    Generation of a new season, aging of the players, reseting of fans tendency and team spirit to default values, promotion and relegation of teams will be executed automatically in last Saturdays's game update (Saturday of the 10. week).

    League difficulty
    League difficulty is calculated as the difference between player attributes in all teams in a league and an average of the league. It is also influenced by the percentage of active managers in the league. Points for the best manager rankings (League, Manager) will be awarded based on league difficulty instead of league level.

    Other tournaments

    World League - The top teams from each country qualify for this tournament (based on 1st League playoff standings and remaining free slots are filled based on order of 1st League regular season), teams are divided into 16 groups. Top 2 teams in each group advance to the knockout stages. The knockout stage is decided in single elimination matches. Number of participants of each country is decided based on the country performance in previous tournament season.Tournament matches are played on Wednesday. Gate money is divided equally between the two teams and there is no home ice advantage. Trophy for tournament victory :
    Only managers with a sponsor pack.

    National Champions Cup - One top team from each National Cup qualify for this tournament. If the team qualifies also for the World League it is not participating in this tournament. Teams are divided into 8 groups. Top 1 team in each group advance to the knockout stages. The knockout stage is decided in single elimination matches. Tournament matches are played on Wednesday. Gate money is divided equally between the two teams and there is no home ice advantage.

    National Cup is played separately in each country. All teams from 5. and higher leagues qualify for the tournament (except those teams playing in the World League, or the National Champions Cup). The entire tournament is played by single-elimination games. Tournament matches are played on Wednesday. Gate money is divided equally between the two teams and there is no home ice advantage. Trophy for tournament victory :
    Only managers with a sponsor pack.

    Registration and Assignment of Teams
    Registration and team assignment process.

    The first step is creating a new acount in the game :
    Nick - name which manager will use in the game.
    Password - password to be used at login for manager verification.
    Email - manager´s working email address. Manager will receive automatic notification after team assignment to this address.
    Nationality - country in which manager will play.

    As the number of the teams in HA is limited every new manager is put on waiting list for team assignment. It is possible to login to the game anytime after registration in order to check your position on the waiting list.

    Teams assignment runs automatically during the night update and the manager will receive an automatic email notification after he has been assigned a team.
    Each assigned team receives newly-generated players, and economy, stadium and background facilities set up at opening values.

    It is necessary to activate your team by login into the game within 3 days after team assignment. You may change your team name, stadium name and may select players for your team.

    A manager may only play in the country from which he is logging to the internet !

    Calendar shows upcoming and also recently-played matches. Day shown in bold will be the effective date of the next night-time update.
    You can cancel friendly matches in this window by clicking on the recycle bin icon , this option is available only with matches which will be played 4 days or more from the date of the cancellation.

    Ticket price
    Ticket money is the main income of a team and therefore it is necessary to carefully consider ticket pricing before every home game. As a guide, the scouting department always estimates the ideal ticket price for maximum income in each match..
    The game tries to simulate spectator interest in every league match according to differences between teams. The system determines this interest based on the fact that league matches between equally matched teams tend to be more exciting matches, generating more spectators with more interest that are willing to pay higher ticket price.
    Setting ticket prices too high can cause low attendance at the match !!
    The detailed match report gives information on total spectators in attendance and total income from ticket money.
    League matches
    All ticket money income goes to the home team.
    Friendly matches
    Revenue from the match is split evenly between the opponents. Home ice advantage doesn´t influence players' motivation.
    Matches in the world league and in national cups
    Revenue from the match is split evenly between the opponents. Home ice advantage doesn´t influence players' motivation.

    Team news
    The Team News screen automatically displays when logging in to the game and contains most recent team events. Therefore, managers should regularly check this screen to stay up to date.

    Detailed team information :

    Team ID - Team ID in the game database

    Manager - team manager name, click it for detailed manager information

    Team Name - you may change your team name once per season in the "Settings" window

    League - Number and league group in which the team plays

    Found - date a team was created, changes as the team is reset (usually when it gets a new manager)

    Number of fan club members - Team fan club is one of the most important team attributes. Change of the number of fans from the previous week is shown in the brackets. The number of fans in fanclub affects :
  • weekly income from sponsor, for 1 fan team gets 8 500 weekly
  • Attendance for all matches
  • Minimum and maximum ticket price in scope of relevant league
  • Motivation of the players during the match - increases with number of spectactors and cheerleaders level of the club
    Fans join and leave the the fanclub based on match results - league matches, WL, NCC and NC matches affect fan club membership. The marketing department icreases the number of fans joining the fanclub after wins.
    After a promotion to higher league the fanclub is increased by 4% of the actual fanclub level. After a relegation the fanclub is decreased by the same amount.

    Team Spirit - one of the factors which determines the motivation of the players in the matches. Team spirit changes based on the following events :
  • league, World League, National Champions cup and National Cup matches with low importance - improvement
  • league, World League, National Champions cup and National Cup matches with high importance - deterioration
  • selling a player, who is in the team for less than 2 weeks - major deterioration (not if the player is a fresh junior)
  • selling a player, who is in the team for 20 weeks or more - minor deterioration (in this case the team spirit drops only sometimes)
    Spirit tends to settle at "normal" value (normal = Cold).

    Team spirit levels :

    Owners Trust - Team owners have varying levels of trust in a manager's abilities. Team owners will veto transactions which endanger the team's financial stability.

  • Line-up
    The way of setting formations and substitutes
    It's possible to create and set up the lines in Lines window. Goalie set-up in the Lines subwindow, in the upper part of the screen, in the subsection Goalies - after clicking on Add button you will choose from the list of all players those players who you are planning to place on a goalie position. Then you will mark this player by the G letter. Then you will click on Create button and all goalies will be added into your line-up. Now you need to select priority. According this the goalies will be seeded into the match as the first or second goalie. You will set this up by changing of the number next to the goalie in Prio column and confirm that by the Change button. The player who has the highest number he will be considered as a first goalie and vice-versa. The other players with even lower priority number will play in the match only in the case that some of the players with higher priority number is injured. Example: you have three goalies with priorities set to 3,2 and 1. The match will play the goalie with priority 3 and second nominated will be the goalie with priority 2. In the case of injury of player with priority 3, the player with priority 2 will be automaticaly set as starting goalie in the match and the one with priority 1 will be the backup goalie.

    Then it’s necessary to set up your lines. In the Lines subwindow, there is a special place where you can check, change and create your lines. After clicking on Add button the list of all players will be displayed. It's necessary to choose all 5 players into each line from this list. It's necessary to choose center (C), right and left winger (RW, LW) and right and left defender (RD, LD). Now you need to click on Create button and the next window will appear. Here you can name your line and change it's priority. Click on Next button and you will see this line in the list. This way you will choose all lines - you can create at the most 26. Then you need to set the priority up as you did to your goalies. Although you can create 26 lines, up to four will play in the match (with highest priority).

    Lines and goalies. You can switch them on and off by checking the boxes. Player (line) who is switched off, or player (line) who can't be used in the match is highlighted by gray color. Every change in lines or goalies you need to confirm by the Change button.

    Next setting refers to substitutes. This change is made in Lines menu, Substitutes submenu. It's possible to choose center, winger or defender substitute. New substitute will be added after clicking on Add button in relevant subwindow. By similar way as you chose your goalie it's possible to choose up to 12 of substitutes for all positions at the most. Then all will be displayed in the list of substitutes. You have to set thier the priority level again. The substitute with the highest priority level will be first to substitute an injured player. How is the substitutes system working? Very simple. If someone falls out from the formation and can't play (e.g. injury or national team duty) the substitute with the highest priority moves into his place and automatically plays in this line.
    When a player is injured in the match, he will finish up the match and in will not be substituted in its duration, only in the next match. The substitute player will play in the next match in which theinjured player cannot play at.

    Powerplay and penalty killing lines (PP lines/PK lines):
    On the PP/PK lines creation form, the list of players shows a player's line-up position indicated with small letters followed by his line's priority. This makes it easier to select the player from the current roster.
    Up to 2 PP lines and 2 PK lines will be used in the match - even if the manager has created more lines. In case no usable PP/PK lines were created standard lines will be used automatically.
    Each player in a PP or PK line should be in the starting line-up. If a player not on the starting lineup will be used, then the PP and PK will not be valid for the match and will not be used. This also applies to injured players and their substitutes. Injured player replaced by substitute in the standard line will be replaced by the very same substitute in PP/PK line as well. PP/PK lines will be changed every 30 seconds during the match.

    Current line-up
    On the Current line-up page you see a line-up as it will be used in next match. Substitutes are marked as SUB after their names. In case of incomplete formation and substitutes setup, the automatic randomly assigned line-up will be displayed.

    At least 3 formations and 1 goalie have to be set for the match, otherwise the system will generate automatic random lineup.

    Lines, tactics, chemistry
    Tactical specialization of lines
    The coach has an option to choose a tactical specialization for each line. The effectiveness of each of these tactical possibilities will depend upon your players' skills in the required attributes for individual player positions. The requirements for every tactical specialization can be found on the page 'Lines'. You can find the information about the specialization of every player in his profile (player's detailed page and link 'Profile') and also on the line creating page and when you replace a player in a line.

    The players' tactical profiles (the 'Profile' link on player's detailed page) will be used ONLY to calculate the maximum chemistry of their line based on the chosen tactics. The actual chemistry of a line is then limited to it's maximum chemistry and increases slowly after every game the line played in - see the chemistry detailed info below.

    For each line tactical option there is a counter tactics, which will be extra effective againts it. The tactics against which the specific tactics is extre effective is listed in the 'LINE'S TACTICS' table in the 'Effective against' column. You will find the table on every page where it is possible to change the tactics of a line. For example the 'Short passes' tactics is extra effective against the 'Behind the net'.
    How exactly do the counter-tactics work? Their effect is defensive: they help prevent the opponent's players from performing their own 'special tactical' offensive actions.

    Line chemistry
    Players, who play together often will gradually, step by step, develop 'chemistry'.

    How does the chemistry of a line help in the game? Simple; every time the line conducts an offensive action, the chemistry increases the odds that this action will be a 'special tactical' action. During a 'special tactical' action the players still use their normal attributes but with an increased chance of scoring.

    The maximum chemistry depends always on the current line tactics and on the tactical performance of the players on their positions (Tactical profiles).
    Don't worry, your chemistry won't drop when you change the line tactics - only the maximum chemistry is changed and the current chemistry will decrease slowly in time, if the current chemistry is higher than the maximum chemistry.

    The game system will 'remember' the chemistry of a line, that no longer exists, for example because a player has been replaced or the line has been deleted. This system will restore this remembered chemistry automatically. The stored chemistry of non-existing lines will of course decrease fast over time!

    Other settings:
    Line aggressiveness - aggressiveness used by players with good strength and self control attributes can positively affect a line's dominance on the ice. Be careful though, because a player with low self control might get called on a lot of penalties.

    Friendly match
    During a day-off the team can play friendly match with any other team that has a day-off as well. Income from sold tickets is devided among both teams equally. It's not an advantage if the team plays home. Match importance affects both players' motivation and chance of any player's injury in friendly match but not the team's mood.

    Sending a challenge for a friendly match
    You will choose the team that would you like to play against. You will open his window where is the possibility for friendly match challenge. You can choose between Normal or Playoff (Playoff matches are extended until one of the teams scores the winning goal). After clicking on one of them the opponent team's calendar is displayed. During a day-off you can choose from Home/Away by clicking on it and the challenge will be sent. You can send challenge for both home and away match to the same team. This way you can send challenges for the same day to more than one team. Team that will accept the challenge as the first one you will play the friendly match against this team and all the others challenges will be cancelled. You can send challenges during all free days. In case that you will advance into play-off all challenges will be cancelled after regular season. As you can send the challenges to all teams, all other teams can challenge you. This you can check in Team, Challenges page. By clicking on Accept or Cancel you will choose if you would like to play or not. It's possible to cancel a friendly by clicking on the trash bin in the Calendar (you can't do it if the match will be played within next 3 days).
    Manager with sponsor pack can plan friendly matches automatically. Look here.

    Ticket price
    The ticket price will be used in home matches.

    Importance of the match
    Manager advises the players of the importance level of the following match for the team prior to every match. Importance influences team motivation and increases risk of injury.
    LOW importance players play match relaxed without stress and team spirit slightly improves.
    Normal importance players play with normal motivation, team spirit does not change.
    High importance players play very hard with high motivation to win, team spirit is tense and sinking.
    Spirit tends to settle at "normal" value (normal = Cold).

    Motivation reward
    Motivation reward is a bonus paid to each player for one match. It is paid only if the team wins, and is paid to every player in line up (including backup goalie). It increases daily motivation of players relative to the player's daily salary. It is recommended to use it, especially for important matches.
    Maximum effective reward is 10 time a player's daily salary!

    Shot targeting
    Shooters, aiming at goalie's weak spot, have better chance of scoring. Its possible to set team's shots targeting preference on the match setup page. In case of normal targeting, the shots are distributed evenly. This setting is also displayed on the match report page.

    Ice time distribution
    Lines can spend their time on the ice unevenly so the best line will spend more time on ice than the worst. The ice time distribution is the exact time in seconds, that each line will be on the ice. After the last line has spent it's time on ice it's replaced with the first line and so on.

    Copy opponent's lines
    This setting will allow you to copy your opponent's lines (ice times) setup, so your first line will be on the ice with his first, second with second and so on. In case both opponents turn this option on, the away team will copy the home team's ice times. In case you have 4 lines in the match and the opponent only has 3 and you turn on the copy option, only the first 3 of your lines will be used in the match. If you have only 3 lines available for the match and your opponent has 4, it won't be possible for you to copy his lines.

    Distribution of tactical points
    Manager has 30 points available to distribute among periods and playing activities. Distributed points will increase the team performance in the specific playing activity - offense or defense, the more points the better performance

    Remove the 4th line from the lines' rotation
    The coach has the option to remove the 4th line from the line rotation based on specific conditions to increase the team performance.

    Goalie substitutions
    The coach has an option the pull the goalie in favor of the 2nd goalie based on the chosen conditions.

    Training is calculated automatically every day after the match. Training set-up is done in two steps, creation and setting of training schedules (page Schedules) and assigning players to the schedules (page Training).


    Training schedule means setting of activities, which the player will train with for the day. It is possible to create up to 30 schedules according to attributes which will be trained and according to training length.

    For example a training schedule of a center forward could look like this :
    Attack:40%, Shooting:30%, Strength:30%, Rest:0%
    We will call it "Forward-100"
    This setting means that player will 40% of possible training time train the attribute attack, 30% of the time will train shooting 30% of the time will train strenght.

    After having set a training mode, the total training time of attributes depends also on training intensity. It can be changed in the Schedules page and applies only to players who do not play the match.
    Players who play the match choose their training intensity automatically depending on their energy.

    If the training intensity is set to 80% the player who is assigned to mode "Forward-100" will split his training time like this :
    Attack:32%, Shooting:24%, Strength:24%, Rest:20%
    The player is training the atributes depending on set times and intensity of training, the remaining time is spent on regeneration.

    The resting of the player can be set directly in training mode, by not using 100% of training time, unassigned time will be automaticaly set for regeneration. If we change the mode "Forward-100" :
    Attack:20%, Shooting:15%, Strength:15%, Rest:50%
    and will call it "Attack-50",
    The training itself will be realized like this (with the training intensity set to 80%) :
    Attack:16%, Shooting:12%, Strength:12%, Rest:60%

    It's not necessary to setup any rest for the players who play the match - they rest automatically after the match based on their actual energy!

    All healthy players are displayed on the training page, their skills and daily training progress (Tra). You can set a training schedule for each player by choosing it in the select box. You have to confirm changes made in the training set-up by clicking on Confirm.

    Players with the training schedule set to 'Idle', they don't train (even if they were playing a match) and regenerate slower!
    Player with energy lower then 20% is too exhausted for the training and he automatically chooses the 'Idle' training schedule!

    Each player has 11 basic attributes which influence his performance in a match and others which influence other fields of the game.

    Ability of the player to play as a goaltender - together with Speed affects the effectivity of a goaltented in stoping the shots.

    Defensmen use this skill as a primary in defenting the opponents attacks. Of course Defense is used by forwards too but less than defensman as their main activity is attacking.

    Skill and ability of the outfield players in attacking activities, used mainly by forwards (used the same way by defensmen as the Defense is used by forwards).

    Shooting is used by outfield players to shoot goals.

    Passing/Puck control
    Outfield players - good or bad pass can increase (or decrease) the chance the shooter will score. Important for all centers - as their primary task is to pass the puck and create some good chances.
    For goaltender will be used as 'Puck control/Passing' and will represent his ability to control and pass the puck after he saves a shot. Low puck control will give the opponent a higher number of rebounds. These rebounds have an increased probability of scoring then normal shots on goal.

    Center uses his Strength (along with Attack) to win faceoffs and all outfield players use it when defending. In combination with appropriate line's aggressiveness the Strength can increase overal dominance of the line.

    Used by all players - as a primary skill by goaltenders and secondary by outfield players.

    Outfield players - low selfcontrol will cause higher number of penalties - the number of penalties is also affected by the line's aggressiveness.
    Goaltenders - low self-control of a goaltender can cause after a series of quick goals that he looses his confidence and concentration. It will cause him to play miserably the remainder of the match. In the match report it will be indicated like this 'Goalie has temporarily lost his confidence in himself'.

    These attributes improve during training and also during the match. Amount of improvement during the match depends on a player's position. Training setup and how attributes improve is more fully described under Training.

    The following attributes directly influence a player's performance in a match but change according to other rules than the previous group :

    Skaters get tired during the match depending on time spent on the ice and therefore their energy decreases. Goalkeeper gets tired according to the number of shots they face. Loss of energy of each player has the following impact on his performance - if a player looses 30% of energy, attributes goalie, defence, shooting, strength and speed are weakened during the match by 30%. This applies also when player starts the match with lowered energy.
    Energy of the players also decreases and increases during the training depending on the setup of particular phases. Players also recover during the night rest every day regardless of the training setup. Very tired players (less than 60% energy) have a higher risk of injury.
    In the detailed view of a match you can see the energy of players before and after a match in column Ene.

    Form, experience
    High form and experience allow a player to use his abilities more effectively. On the other hand, low form and experience increases the chances of a player making a major blunder. .

    The role of form is to reflect player's current physical and mental condition. So it is not directly affected by match performance or training. Factors that affect form, are in general not part of the game (like player's private life). Form has a direction in which it is changing every day, the best way to react to these changes is to replace players with lower form with players that have a higher form. The direction can be changed in each game update and the chance of getting the increasing direction can be slightly influenced by these options :
    - light, or medium training (applies only to players who don't play the match)
    - good match performance

    Form of injured players is slowly decreasing during the period of their injury.

    Players gain experience only in matches. More experience can be gained during important matches, such as in playoff or in national team games.

    Other player attributes :

    Age of the player increases at the end of each season by one. When a player reaches his age horizon, his main attributes will start to decrease slowly.

    Number of remaining days on a player's contract.
    In the detailed view of each player is the option "Fire player". Fired players with quality lower than 40 will immediately retire, others will try to find a new employer.
    All players' contracts will be automatically extended provided the team has enough cash for their signing bonuses.

    Type of injury and number of days player will be injured.

    Daily salary of the player under his current contract..
    Foreign player in a team receives in addition to his contract salary a bonus of 15%.


    Team that currently has a signed contract with the player.

    Very important characteristic which does not influence performance in matches but has a big impact on rate of training. Also when the attribute value reaches 150% of the quality its training is greatly slowed.
    Quality is determined at "birth" of a player and does not change later.

    Each player has his own age horizon. When he reaches that age, his abilities start to deteriorate. Potential value decreases gradually as player gets older and a potential of 0% means that the player has reached his age horizon..
    The practical difference between players with potential 20% and 50% is that first player will reach his age horizon sooner and his abilities will start to deteriorate sooner.

    Ability index
    Ability index is a sum of main player's attributes (not including form and experience).

    Goalie's weak spot
    Shooters, aiming at goalie's weak spot, have better chance of scoring. This attribute is visible only to current owner of the player.
    Its possible to set team's shots targeting preference on the match setup page. In case of normal targeting, the shots are distributed evenly. This setting is also displayed on the match report page - your own matches only.

    Number of stars Expresses star stature of a player. Three stars of the match are announced in every league match, these players will be more popular amongst fans and they will gradually become stars.
    In player detail, you can watch the progress of players who have not yet achieved star status as a percentage value from research (scouting) department.
    The next factor which increases star stature of players is statistical categories evaluated at the end of every regular season. These are :
    Canadian scoring productivity - players are ranked according to total goals and assists.
    Best shooter - players ranked according to number of goals scored.
    Best defender - defenders ranked according to number of goals and assists allowed. This category includes every player who has played all league matches in the defender position.
    Best goalkeeper - goalkeepers ranked according to save percentage. This category only includes goalkeepers who have played at least half of league matches at the goalkeeper position.

    And what role do star players play in the team? Undoubtedly, stars want higher salaries, but there is also a good side - more spectators come to matches and more merchandise is bought.
    List of all star players on the team is found at "Players", "Stars".
    If a star player changes leagues his star statute will lower a bit.

    Player will be satisfied if he gets enough chances to play in league matches. Satisfaction affects only unrestricted free agents on the market - check this guide section Market.

    Levels of satisfaction :

    Attribute which influences the chance and options of signing new contract with a player if he becomes an unrestricted free agent.
    Contract options:
    1. contract for 70 days, signing bonus 0, the salary of player will be his standard formula salary plus 1/70 of 45% of the highest offer from other teams
    2. contract for 70 days, signing bonus 40% of the highest offer from other teams, salary calculated with the standard formula
    3. contract for 140 days, signing bonus 70% of the highest offer from other teams, salary calculated with the standard formula
    4. contract for 210 days, signing bonus 100% of the highest offer from other teams, salary calculated with the standard formula

    Player's loyalty can have 6 possible levels, the contract options based on each level will be these:
    -3 : player will not give his current owner an option to match the highest offer. The only way to resign such a player is to outbid all other teams
    -2 : player will accept contract types 4
    -1 : player will accept contract types 3, 4
    1 : player will accept contract types 2, 3, 4
    2 : player will accept contract types 1, 2, 3, 4
    3 : player will stay with his team until his manager decides to sell or fire the player

    Number of players in the team
    If the team has fewer than 20 players, the manager of the team will be sacked (see Game rules). If the team has more than 64 players, juniors will not come to the team and it is not possible to buy or sign new players.

    List of last transfers of similar players. This function is available only for own players and players on the market.
    Link to the Transfers page is located on the detailed player's page.

    Canadian scoring productivity - players are ranked according to total goals and assists.
    Best shooter - players ranked according to number of goals scored.
    Best defender - defenders ranked according to number of goals and assists allowed. This category includes every player who has played all league matches in the defender position.
    Best goalkeeper - goalkeepers ranked according to save percentage. This category only includes goalkeepers who have played at least half of league matches at the goalkeeper position.

    At the end of every regular season the best league's players in the above categories are evaluated. 10 best outfield players and 5 best goaltenders are awarded in each category.

    Research (Scouting) department
    Motivation for today's match - estimated team motivation for today's match. Motivation is influenced by these factors: motivation reward, cheerleaders, home ice advantage, team spirit, match importance.

    Ticket price for today's match - estimated ideal ticket price for today's match. It is shown only if today's match is to be played at home.

    team strength - Strength estimation of your own and your opponent's team is calculated as an average of main attributes from team line up in the last league match. G = net, D = defence, A = attack.

    Training - average daily training progress of all players with individual progress greater than 0%.

    Stadium and background
    Teams start with a small stadium which will usually not sell out in early matches in the lower leagues. However, once the stadium sells out and does so on regular basis, then increasing stadium size becomes a strong strategic investment.
    The cost of stadium enlargements grows with stadium capacity, therefore it is most profitable to order the biggest possible enlargements at once. It is also necessary to consider daily expenses for operating the stadium and whether it will be possible to fill up new seats with spectators.
    Minimum stadium enlargement is 100 seats.
    Name of the stadium can be changed once per season in window "Setting" .

    All of the following parts of background a positive influence on different parts of the game. Building a quality background (infrastructure) is therefore one of the most important tasks for a succesful team. Background improvement is always achieved in steps. 1%, At higher levels, the time necessary to achieve improvement increases.
    if you choose option "Build" the cost of selected improvement and option to cancel will display.
    Option "Cancel building" allows you to cancel improvements which have already begun, but the costs will be returned to the team in cash at the rate 50%.
    In case of cash shortage or too high costs, it is possible to liquidate 1% of background using option "unbuild". Team will get 25% of original cost.

    Training area
    increase players rate of training.

    Regeneration area
    increase players rate of recovery.

    Youth school
    All young hockey talents go to youth school as they get ready to try out for the senior team. Those who reach adequate age and ability can be pulled from the youth school in window "Team", "YS" and assigned to the senior team. The team manager can decide who will continue in the team and who will not.
    How good are the players I can get out of youth school and what does it depend on ?
    Initial training level of junior players coming depends on the youth school level, quality and age of the player. Junior school level doesn´t influence quality of new players so there is the same probability for every level of youth school that its new player will have quality 100%.

    Player arrives from juniors with a contract for 6 days and daily salary 0.

    increase team motivation for matches.

    Research (Scouting) department
    This department gives manager important information about several aspects of the game. Information from research department can be identified by these two icons : - means estimated value, - means exact value.
    If a manager has special interest in a particular player, he can request from his research department a thorough research of that player. After a thorough research, an estimation of some of the hidden attributes will be available - together with skills of the player in case he is not part of your team.

    Accuracy of estimated values depends on research department level. Values shown directly in window Research are calculated with higher accuracy if there is no thorough player research ongoing at the time. Thorough player research doesn´t influence any other values from research department.

    Match research - you can activate this function by clicking on request 'Research!' which will be shown in detailed match report – as a result you will see summary of goal shots location.

    Marketing department
    Takes care of business and fan relations.
    For succesful sale of merchandise and collectibles it is not enough to have star players in the team, you must also have a sufficient marketing department level.
    Marketing department positively influences fans joining and leaving the fanclub with its fans relations activity.

    In the window Finances you can view actual cash, daily income and expenses in various fields. If the team cash is negative the team may not buy or employ new players, nor is a team able to improve its background facilities.

    Regular sponsor contribution for 1 fan is 8500 per week, this money comes to the team every Wednesday.

    The team can spend the money down to -15 000 000, if the cash falls below -50 000 000 manager's account will be blocked. In case that his balance comes back above this limit account will be enabled.

    Players market
    There are these types of players on the market :

    Restricted free agents - are players without contracts. Teams offer to these players a signing bonus (which player will get after contract signing) and player will be obtained by the team which offers the highest sum. Free players sign contracts for 1 season (70 days). Restricted players are all players younger than 27 years.

    Players for sale - players have a signed contract, but their current team wants to sell them. Buying teams are bidding amounts which will go to the selling team after completion of the sale. Player will have the same contract with his new team as he had with his former team (salary + contract lenght).
    You can sell a player in his details window. You enter minimum selling price and number of days for the player to stay on the market. Minimum price you can sell player for is 10.000, minimum time on the market is 2 days and maximum 6 days. Closing time of a player's stay on the market is calculated according number of set up days, it is days times 24 hours from actual HM time.
    When searching on the market, team can not see its own players for sale. These can be viewed in window "Market".

    Unrestricted free agents - players who are 27 years old and older with 6 days till contract termination will show up on the market as unrestricted free agent. During the first day on the market, all teams can offer contracts to the player. Player's current team can then has a chance to match the highest offer until the current player's contract expires.
    Unrestricted free agent sign contracts for 1, 2, or 3 seasons (based on loyalty).

    Main differences of an unrestricted free agent :
  • you can't sell him, until he is in your team for at least 10 weeks and you can sell him only in case there are more than 14 days till termination of the contract.
  • detailed information about the specific unrestricted free agent and his various options are located on player's detailed page under the 'Cotract' link. You can find the compensation money amount here - new owner of the player will have to pay you the compensation if your player decides to sign a contract with another team. The compensation money is calculated automatically according to the attributes of the player. Also an information about player's loyalty and what contract options will be available is located here along with player's satisfaction information.

    Automatic unrestricted free agents contract renewal system:
    In case of longer manager's absence or impossibility of taking care of the team you should use the automatic bids to own unrestricted free agents. This feature is turned off for all players by default and you can turn it on on the player's 'Contract' page.
    The automatic system uses the less cash consuming type of contract available!
    All other limits (based on team's actual cash and player's loyalty) apply in the automatic system too.

    Every team has a limit for bids on unrestricted free agents from other teams and its 10-100% of disposable team's cash. This percentage increases with team owners' trust.

    Players on the market can be filtered out based on market categories and other criteria - nationality, maximum and minimum attributes, maximum and minimum price.
    In case you display "All" players, different categories are indicated by text color - free is black, for sale is blue and unrestricted free agent is red.

    Searching for the current offer on players market is in the window Market.

    List of latest bids
    Page with a list of all bids on players in the last 7 days. Only the highest bid on a player is displayed.

  • Injuries and diseases
    Players can be injured in training or in matches or they can fall ill. Probability of injury and illnesses increases for players whose energy is lower than 60%. Injured and ill players don't train and don't regenerate and they can not play in matches.
    Injured and ill players are shown with a little first-aid kit icon.
    Form of the injured player is lowering according to the severity of the injury.

    World championship
    Senior world championship is held in each odd season and the election for senior national team managers is held in the first week of each even season.

    U20 world championship is held in each even season and the election for U20 national team managers is held in the first week of each odd season.

    Representation matches are played on Saturday.

    Every manager can be a candidate in elections. You can vote only in your real country (per IP address). Each manager has only one vote and it can be changed.

    Representation manager can use special research for finding players suitable to the team. This research is done in a particular league by choosing option "Research" in window "League", "Tables". It is possible to use it 1 time per day.

    Team spirit
    Team spirit of national teams is affected with match importance (friendlies do not affect team spirit).

    In a new season every national team starts with a cold team spirit.

    Special rules
    In case the national player's home team is restarted, the player is not deleted from the game, but he is automatically sent to the market.

    Its not possible to release a player, that is in the team for less than 2 weeks. Number of weeks in national team of each player is dislayed on National, Players page, column Week.

    It's not possible to add or remove players during the World championship season. The last and first week of the season are an exception for this rule - you can change national players freely in that weeks.

    If the player is happy, his team has to offer him only 75-100% of highest bid (based on the level of player's satisfaction), if he is unhappy, current team has to offer 100-130% of highest offer.

    Name of the team and stadium
    You may change your team name and stadium name 1 time per season, at the beginning of the season.

    Match broadcast
    Match broadcast is a viewable sequential display of the course of the match from previous day.
    Match broadcast time can be set up from 03:00 - 23:00.

    Star players are shown in menu "Players", "Stars" You can also buy merchandise and collectibles in this window. Basic purchase price of these items is 5000 per piece and decreases when buying larger amounts at once. Selling price is 15000. Sales are evaluated once a week on Wednesday and it is influenced by number and level of team's star player and marketing department level.
    If the star players list is empty no merchandise will be sold !!

    Option to send mail to another manager, it is in menu "Communication", "Mail". You can send maximum 10 messages per day, maximum length of one message is 1000 characters, messages older than 7 days will be deleted automatically.

    Con - Lenght of contract (days)
    Qua - Quality
    Pot - Potential
    Goa - Goalie skill
    Def - Defense skill
    Att - Attacking skill
    Sho - Shooting skill
    Spe - Speed skill
    Str - Strength skill
    For - Form
    EXP - Experience
    PIM - Penalties in minutes
    Nat - Nationality
    Lin - Number of lines that the player is a member of
    Act - Active/inactive line (player)
    Prio - Priority
    Chem - Line chemistry
    Max - Maximum possible line's chemistry for the chosen tactics
    Aggr - Line aggressiveness

    Sponsor pack
    Sponsor pack is a set of several features for managers that like Hockey Arena and spend a lot of time with the game. You become a sponsor of Hockey Arena and you gain access to features, that make the game more fun and interesting to play. Every sponsor is indicated by a puck icon .

    You are also helping us to develop and improve Hockey Arena further.

    Buy sponsor pack.

    Team logo
    If you want to present your team with a nice logo, its possible to upload an image, which will be displayed every time a manager looks at your team. You can change the logo anytime.
    Maximum size of a logo is 51200 bytes, width 400 pixels, height 200 pixels.

    Everyday a random team logo is displayed on the main page as a logo of the day!

    Automatic market bids
    In case you are interested in a player on the market whose deadline will expire during your 'offline time', you can turn on the option 'Automatic bid'. This feature will automatically send offers for you up to the maximum amount you choose. One manager can enter maximum one automatic bid at a time!

    Automatic friendly match scheduler
    You can make the request for a friendly match by clicking on this icon on the Calendar page. If a corresponding request from another team is found, the match is scheduled immediately. Otherwise the request is recorded in the database and the match will be scheduled as soon as a corresponding request from another team is found. Pending request can be viewed and deleted by clicking on this icon . Maximum requests from one team is 20.

    As a sponsor you can set up an automatic e-mail reminder about a player's deadline on the market. To use this feature sponsors should use the link in the window of a player who is on the market.

    Team's web page
    You can enter a web address of your team. This link is displayed on your team's page to everyone.

    Press news
    If you want to inform your fans or opponents about the lastest events in your team, or your future plans, press news is the best way to do it. Press news are displayed on your team's detail page and also on the league standigs page.
    You can create, edit or delete the news.

    You can track players of your choice and see their team, league and other data. All this information is available on one page - Players, Tracking.

    You can write down a short note for each player (maximum 500 characters). You can make or change the note clicking on the 'Note' link on player's detail page. One manager can have maximum 100 notes at a time.

    Email notification service
    Its possible to setup email notification in case of these events :
    - match results
    - challenge for a friendly
    - new mail message

    Enhanced discussions
    Better and more transparent discussions - it allows to create a list of favourite discussions. The number of new posts is automatically logged in favourite discussions. Its possible to simply display only new messages, without thinking about which topics and posts are new.

    The setup can be made on the page "Manager", "Sponsor".

    Other benefits
  • It's possible to filter all players on the market according AI.
  • On the Players, Players screen as a sponsor you easily sort the player's table based on each column and also you can access a special statistics screen of your players here.
  • Your nick is indicated by red on Manager, Top page. If you are not in the top 100, your total position is displayed in the bottom of the page.
  • In the opponent's players list, the players who are on the market are highlighted by the blue color.
  • Inreased maximum characters of a mail message (2000)
  • Inreased maximum number of mail messages per day (30)

    Trophies and history
    Trophies and history of a managers is available only on the manager details page of a sponsor.
    A trophy is awarded for some achievements in league and tournaments.
    This trophies are awarded to the first place team after the regular season of the league :

    This trophies are awarded to the playoff champion of the league :

    This trophy will be awarded to best season's manager :

    Winner of the World League :

    Winner of the National Champions Cup :

    Winner of the National Cup :

    World Championship Medals :