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Robert Lee
11:03:53, 20.04.20

Some people on this website urged me to remove the confederate flag from my team logo. Claiming it is racist and inappropriate. Let me explain. The confederate flag doesn’t represent neither racism nor white supremacy. It’s a symbol of the Southern heritage. I’m born and raised in Simpsonville, South Carolina. A small town close to Greenville, which is the closest larger city (pop 68,000 – metro 1,300,000).
The great-grandfather of my great-grandfather fought and died in the Southern army during the civil war, and I have the right to honor his struggle for freedom.
The redneck thing? I suppose most people put me in that category! My ancestors have all been farmers as far as I know.
I’m currently living and studying agricultural engineering in Denmark.
Being a Southerner and a hockey fan doesn’t really match though. A friend of mine took me to a game in the ECHL watching the Greenville Swamp Rabbits. I got fascinated by the game and started following our local team. In the NHL my favorite teams are the Carolina Hurricanes and the Nashville Predators.
God bless y’all!

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