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 Players loyalty
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Pavel Burek
09:56:12, 10.05.20

What do you guys think about players loyalty? What difference are between -2 and +2 loyalty? I play almost only with young players, so I don't have a lot of experience how loyalty works when a guy become 27 years old, but the way I see things, there is actually "3 different loyalties", that is -3, which is really bad, because you should bid your player on the market, then +3, which is the best, because players stay in your team until you want, and then loyalties from -2 to +2, which have different options, but all of them are financially almost the same.

For example that shows about one of my players with +2 loyalty:
Available types of contract:
1. Contract for 70 days, signing on fee 0, salary 296 520
2. Contract for 70 days, signing on fee 12 360 000, salary 97 877
3. Contract for 140 days, signing on fee 21 630 000, salary 97 877
4. Contract for 210 days, signing on fee 30 900 000, salary 97 877
This was an example of the contracts which will be available for you if the highest offer from other teams will be 30 000 000!

He has all of that options because of +2 loyalty, players with +1 loyalty have 2., 3. and 4. options, players with -1 loyalty have 3. and 4. options and players with -2 loyalty have only 4. option.

So the 1. option will cost me in one season 20 756 400.
The 2. option will cost me in one season 19 211 390.
The 3. option will cost me 35 332 780 in two seasons, which is 17 666 390 per one season.
The 4. option will cost me 51 454 170 in three seasons, which is 17 151 390 per one season.

So what I can see from that is that players with quasi better loyalty only get more options, but that options actually aren't any better, they are even worse.

So I really don't understand why there are 5 different loyalties, and why people value +2 loyalty much more then -2 loyalty, when there is practically no difference. Can someone explain me?

15:18:10, 10.05.20

Add another 0 at the end of your signing fees, that's what most top teams are dealing with. So the option to resign a guy for 1 year at a 3rd of the cost (even if it costs slightly more in the long run) is very valuable. If you sign a ufa to a 70 day contract who has -2 loyalty, it's extremely expensive to resign him after 70 days because u haven't built up satisfaction discount yet.

14:14:51, 11.05.20

And you can make +2 to +3 easier than -2 to +3

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