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16:20:52, 07.04.22

Hello icko i m the administrator of the french ha forum.
I’m in league 4.1 . In this league we have a lot of active teams with a level league 3 . But a lot of us wonder if you can move active player of our league in L3.4 because this one have only three active players ?
Thx for your answer.
Your answer will be posted on our forum.

22:28:45, 08.04.22

No answer … as usual…
Thx for the french community :

18:00:55, 09.04.22

I thought the game does this automatically? Two promote under normal circumstances but more will promote if there free teams above them. Am I mistaken?

18:09:58, 09.04.22

I guess that is the case. But it has never been explained how that exactly works.

19:23:19, 09.04.22

I am not sure if teams are being moved from that part of the tree..
IV.4 usually promote to III.2, right? Or has this been changed in past?

21:15:33, 09.04.22

I have seen teams being moved to other league's. Not being promoted but moved from IV.3 to IV.2. Eventually all managerless teams end up in the lowest league as IV.4 is now. But in this case that whole league might be removed from the game because all teams there are without a manager.

Btw a manager can be inactive but still have his team.

15:46:32, 11.04.22

In French league we have 4 League III (III.1to III.4) but in the league III.4 we have only 3 actives players, the rest is only bots.
In league IV.1 we have leage IV.1 until IV.4...aftermath nobody can in LIII.3 and LIII.4.
It's for this reason French community ask to icko if it's possible to take the most of team in LIV and put in LIII.4.
A lot of team are blocked in LIV but they have a League 2/3 skills...
what we are asking is to distribute the deserving teams in L3.4 (bot league ) and other L3 where managers are no longer active.

I hope one day we have an answer :'-(

15:52:26, 11.04.22

the French community , even "gbagrami" the ha translator never has an answer.
We asked Icko if he could indicate that we had a forum France ...never an answer...